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casa package (libcasa_casa)

The casa package contains the core modules. More...


 A module implementing multidimensional arrays and operations.
 Classes and global functions for basic math use.
 Classes and global functions for standard library use.
 Non-mathematical Containers.
 Exception handling.
 Classes binding casa to the HDF5 C API.
 A module for simple command line user interface classes.
 Basic classes and global functions for IO and object persistency.
 Send, record, and filter informational messages.
 Classes for operating system services, and assorted other things.
 a module for units and quantities
 Classes and global functions for system use.
 Classes and global functions for general use.

Detailed Description

The casa package contains the core modules.

It is important to note that most of the code has been developed before STL came into existence, so several classes in modules Containers and Utilities are superseded by their STL counterparts. However, they are still used in some casacore code. Furthermore, some classes offer some extra functionality compared to STL.