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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNcasacoreThis file contains all the compiler specific defines
oNstdDefine real & complex conjugation for non-complex types and put comparisons into std namespace
oCArrayCopyCopy/convert the array data as needed
oCArrayCopy< Complex >
oCArrayCopy< DComplex >
oCArrayCopy< String >
oCComplexfwd_global_functions_ComplexfwdForward declaration complex classes
oCOrdMapIO_global_functions_OrderedMap_IOInput/output operators for OrderedMaps
oCSPtrHolderHold and delete pointers not deleted by object destructors
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Bool >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Char >This one is only used to convert numpy BYTE and SBYTE to casa short
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Complex >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::DComplex >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Double >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Float >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Int >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Int64 >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::Short >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::String >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::uChar >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::uInt >
oCTypeConvTraits< casacore::uInt64 >
\CTypeConvTraits< casacore::uShort >